Cost efficiency, effectiveness, transparency. 


Buzzwords known from the private sector that have become increasingly relevant to government and municipality leaders all around the world. How can governments and municipalities adapt to the changes and challenges presented by an increasingly interlinked and globalised political and economic scene while at the same time retaining balance and overall effectiveness?

S-Group’s consulting services help your government and municipality overcome the new challenges that are critical to success in our changing 21st century global environment. With extensive experience, our team is prepared to help your organization achieve more with less – reduce cost while maintaining, or even increasing, efficiency. We take your mission and objectives seriously and help build programs and implement your strategic agendas.


International Project Management, Engineering Services
S-Group’s international project development activity is supported by our extensive knowledge of international and local markets. Our company is a collaborator in large scale development projects in a number of countries.

We know that our clients are in a powerful position to meet their improvement and expansion goals and to become increasingly attractive locations for international investment.

S-Group provides government and municipality clients with a range of international project management and engineering services to ensure the successful, cost-effective execution of your programs.

International Representation
Our company’s international presence makes us a valuable partner when it comes to providing local representation. If your enterprise wishes to establish itself internationally or expand its existing business, S-Group is your reliable and natural partner. We supply our clients with logistical support as well as business development consulting services according to their needs. S-Group also provides the companies it represents with exposure in a multitude of locations: our network spans the globe, over several continents, offering promising business opportunities to companies wishing to set their foot on new markets.

EU Tender Writing
S-Group provides expert EU Tender Writing Services. We have considerable experience in producing tenders and framework proposals attractive to European funders. Our vast procurement expertise has lead us to be able to assist many clients whenbidding for European contracts.

Strategic and Technological Consulting
We are aware of the unique needs of our clients and offer strategic solutions, based on our long years of experience, to implement the necessary changes and thereby enhance efficiency.

At S-Group, we understand that business efficiency depends largely on technological factors and the best application of technologies.

S-Group’s Strategic and Technological Consulting services focuses primarily on your corporate efficiency and among others provides transactional solutions as well as a wide range of applications and systems.

All this is underpinned by a solid grounding in international resources, strategic partnerships and a professional team that oversees strategy creation, implementation and management.

Human Resources Development and Selection Services
S-Group's Human Resources Development service portfolio includes support to our clients in finding suitable candidates for high-level positions. As a human resources service provider, S-Group also offers internal and external recruiting and HR development for a better utilization of in-house potentials.

Strategic Communications
Communication is one of the key factors in achieving its objectives for any organization, be it the private or the public sector. When delivering messages to your key stakeholders, you need to know when, how and what exactly to say. Communication, in our approach, is more than just delivering messages: it is an attitude.

Our main communications services include the following:

Strategic Communications
Our Strategic Communications services start with a thorough analysis of your targeted stakeholders. We develop your main messages as well as your visual communications based on our insight. Our integrated approach includes the building up of your organisation’s identity, brand communications strategies, media monitoring, public relations as well as advertising, public affairs, and media relations.

Applied Communications
Communication should always adapt as closely to reality as possible. At S-Group, we believe that communications objectives go hand in hand with the mission objectives of the organization. Our Applied Communications services focus on the day-to-day functioning of your organization and its contact with key stakeholders. Our services involve the planning and implementation of applied communications management strategies to enhance effective business operation.

Crisis Communications
S-Group’s Crisis Communications services include proactive engagement with stakeholders in a crisis situation to manage unexpected events and prevent unwanted outcomes. Key activities include vulnerability audits, crisis prevention, crisis management and communication planning as well as incident management and spokesperson training.

Environmental Care
S-Group places special emphasis on environmental care in order to help our clients run their businesses in a sustainable and responsible manner.

S-Group’s advisors help your company achieve goals in every stage of a project or business development. We provide integrated services including the following:

  • Policy development
  • Creative design
  • Impact assessment
  • Adherence to regulatory standards
  • Risk management
  • Public reporting
  • Cost control





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