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Property Protection

S-Group as one of the largest players in the field of Security Services in Hungary provides a full range of services.


Comprehensive Security Services

About S-Group’s property protection in numbers:

  • Annual 2.4 million guarding hours
  • Number of staff: 1.000
  • Number of contracted clients: 1.600
  • Locations in 16 counties








Manned guarding

Interior and exterior guarding of premises

  • Traffic control of cars and trucks, freight check
  • Reception service
  • Telephone operator service
  • Entry and exit control of persons
  • Alcohol check
  • Baggage check
  • Key holding
  • Monitoring on-site security systems and ensuring alarms and disturbances are investigated

Patrol service by foot and with vehicles

  • Checking of inside and outside areas of fences,
  • Locking of buildings
  • Use of guard tour control systems

Protection of money and valuables, escort

Remote monitoring and response services

  • Response service (ensuring that all disturbances are investigated and police is notified if needed)
  • 24-hour call-centre service

Security Systems

Planning, delivering, installing, operating and maintaining of security equipments

Mechanical devices

  • Safety locks, bars, shutters/ blinds, safety foils etc.
  • Gates, sluice, high security doors
  • Safety bags

Electronic equipments

  • Access- and entry control, working hour administration systems
  • Electronic gate control systems and barriers
  • Alarm and signaling systems
  • Video surveillance systems

Data and information protection

Data protection

  • Training on data protection
  • Outplace a Data Protection Manager function at the client
  • Check/ approve projects of the client based on data protection principles
  • Work out data protection guidelines

Information protection

  • Checking the environment on an ad hoc and a regular base (phone, computer network, furniture etc.)
  • Real time surveillance
  • Checking and screening of technical devices of visitors
  • Establish a „secret room”

Private investigation

Services connected to lawyers’ activity

  • Collect evidences
  • Collect information
  • Find and hear witnesses
  • Obtain documentation, certification
  • Prepare environmental studies
  • Quest for missing person

Services connected to financial institutions’ services

  • Credit check of person applying for credit
  • Check of retention money, financial cover, pawn, obligation
  • Checking if identification documents, certificates, verifications are genuine

Credit Management/ Debt Collection

For legal entities, private persons and cooperatives

  • For companies: outstanding accounts receivable, loan, receivables due which were fixed in a contract
  • For private persons: private loans, rental fees, collateral, passed judgement
  • Collectives for blocks of flats: common costs, utility fees, rental fees and other fees

Personal visits country wide

Professional advise of debtor, representation of interest

Traditional demand note, demand note issued by a lawyer

Settlement and payment agreement, acknowledgement of debt

Motivation of debtor to pay with new and traditional receivable management tools

All steps of debt collection form one service provider

  • Investigation of the economic circumstances of the debtor at the moment when the debt occurred
  • Check of retention money, financial cover, pawn
  • Check if files and documents are genuine
  • Collecting information and evidences, find and hear witnesses
  • Collect evidence to underpin the suspicion of a crime
  • Prepare tactical guidelines
  • Negotiate with debtor
  • Get the debtor acknowledge the debt, sign a payback agreement
  • Preparation of prosecution in case of reasonable suspicion of a crime





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