Infrastructure Construction Solutions
Infrastructure Construction Solutions
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Infrastructure Construction Solutions

Enable your location to operate more effectively


Our infrastructure construction activities encompass various types of construction projects that enable your location to operate more effectively. We offer infrastructure and construction clients our expertise in a range of areas, from public parking management through water treatment and sewage technologies to IT development and the preparation of medical investments. With our long industry experience, we ensure an effective infrastructure in your area conforming to your needs.

S-Group has extensive experience in the field of public parking management. Parking system solutions have become a major concern globally as a means of improving traffic flow and facilitating efficient use of parking spaces. Our company provides innovative solutions tailor-made for our customers.

1. An increasing number of countries and within them municipalities are recognizing the fact that perhaps the greatest challenge of the 21st century is dealing with the traffic problems originating from motorization and protecting the environment through this. The ever-increasing number of vehicles is causing significant traffic congestion leading to the significant pollution of the environment.

2. In cities, as many individual travelers as possible, i.e. those travelling by car, need to be diverted to public transport. In developing countries, such as China, in which motorization is taking place at such a rate that by 2020 the number of vehicles is expected to exceed 200 million, people should not be permitted to choose to drive their car in some parts of the cities. Public area parking is an important traffic regulation instrument.

3. With the introduction of the parking fee, vehicles can be controlled and kept at a distance, and the number of them can be significantly reduced in those areas where there is a great deal of traffic tension.

4. The marking out of parking zones, the designation of fee payment periods, and the determination of the amount of the fee all have a significant effect on transport in the given town.

Apart from the above, by introducing public area parking the municipality can obtain significant financial resources.

S-Invest’s Parking System offers a solution for the creation and operation of such a system.

S-Invest - Public Parking Management

Water and Sewage Treatment Technologies
In cooperation with its partners, S-Group has developed special solutions in the field of water and sewage treatment technologies. We realize that the access to cost efficient drinking water is a key development factor in many locations today. Our company offers solutions for the purification of water, providing drinking water for both domestic and commercial use with the help of a range of industrial water supply applications.


Throughout its years of activity on the water and sewage technologies market, S-Group has developed special technologies. Besides the usual services we provide tailor-made technology solutions to challenges such as water recovery, valuable by-product-retrieval or the exploitation of reusable raw materials. We have applicable technologies for the industrial sector as well as private households.

IT development
S-Group offers turnkey IT solutions to complex hardware and software problems of a city or a state. These include population registries, social security systems, visa management systems, data mining and other.

At S-Group, we approach IT issues in their complexity. Be believe that efficient IT solutions today are at the heart of a successful business. S-Group delivers cost-effective IT solutions in view of the unique needs of our customers. We start from existing solutions and integrate the existing systems and infrastructure into our tailor-made package.

We build long term, consistent, flexible systems that are easy to maintain and to extend.

Healthcare Solutions
S-Group offers comprehensive healthcare solutions. Our integrated services include everything from the review of the project requirements and the preparation of a total construction and medical equipment brief for the project to the actual project completion: construction, project management, equipment delivery management and architectural coordination.


Our healthcare solutions include location analysis, due diligence, best practice and strategic incentive, development concept, feasibility studies, hospital planning and design. S-Group has an extensive business network in the domain of healthcare and provides integrated solutions in the field. To our clients, we can offer synergic solutions with our extensive international business network.

S-Group supplies the healthcare market with high quality medical equipment through a cooperation with world leading medical device and equipment manufacturers.

Our services include unique solutions in the area of operating room development. We offer state-of-the-art workstations suitable for integrated operating rooms developed with the latest innovative technologies.

Public lighting project development
Due to our financing solutions, municipalities can implement large scale modernization projects that are financed from the cost savings achieved by our state-of-the art next generation public lighting solutions. Our public lighting services include assessment and monitoring, modernization of public lighting systems, construction and operation of such systems.



Low operation costs

  • Up to 50-65% energy saving
  • Minimal maintenance costs

5 years guarantee – up to 8 years on certain accessories

Extremely long expected operation life:

  • Expected operation life of LED chips: 80 thousand hours
  • Due to low heat production and the lack of UV and IR radiation, the aging of plastic accessories is considerably slower than that of the traditional equipments
  • In case of a modernization project, the high energy saving capacity can enable ESCO type financing

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